Welcome to Linux Discovery

Linux Discovery is primarily intended to help newcomers understand what Linux is and how they might use it for themselves. The goal is to educate and empower people to make the most of their computing experience by harnessing the power and flexibility of Linux and Open Source software. There is some more advanced content as well to help you go beyond the basics when you feel ready to do so.

Getting Started

Choose a Linux Distribution

Distro is short for “distribution” which, in Linux, refers to a packaged collection of software, usually including one or more desktop environments using the Linux kernel as its base. Think of a distribution as being analogous to Windows or MacOS. A distro is developed, released and maintained by a community of developers and other contributors. Some distros have commercial backing and employ people to work on them while many others are supported entirely by volunteers.

Choose a Desktop Environment

The desktop is simply “what you see on the screen”. A desktop environment provides the framework of the desktop and includes the underlying structure (things you don’t see) and the interactive components like menus and toolbars as well as programs like the file manager and image viewer. Windows and MacOS are examples of desktop environments, each with their own distinct characteristics. Unlike these operating systems, Linux provides the choice of many options instead of one.