The creators of Pop!_OS believe the computer and operating system are the most powerful and versatile tools ever created. We are building an OS for the software developer, maker, and computer science professional who uses their computer as a tool to discover and create.

Pop is created by System76 which sells computers purpose-built to run Linux. They had  installed Ubuntu (and still offer) on their systems for many years and then decided they could do a better job tailoring Linux for their hardware so they created Pop!_OS. Even though Pop was created with System76’s hardware in mind, it happens to run beautifully on most other computers as well. It includes a customized version of the GNOME desktop environment, complete with their own theme and keyboard shortcuts. An interesting thing that differentiates Pop from most other distros is the option of downloading the installer for a specific graphics card, NVIDIA and AMD respectively.

Pop!_OS offers a refined, optimized, clean and very well thought out approach to the Linux desktop. Some people are not comfortable with the GNOME desktop so that may be the biggest hurdle for you if you decide to give it a try. Most people find that if they stick with GNOME for a few days it becomes familiar and many then grow to prefer it.